The Botanical Life Co. was conceived in my kitchen as a resolution to my need for authentic, toxin free, home & body care products.

When my childhood asthma & allergies returned a few years ago I was motivated to take a closer look at my lifestyle. What started out as being more mindful about the toxins in my home, developed into a collection of all natural home & body products created by hand from my studio on the Byron Bay coast, Australia.

Prior to founding the Botanical Life Co. it had never occurred to me that the products I was using could be making me sick, until I read the research that everyday home & body products contained chemicals that were linked to respiratory disease, cancer, endocrine disorders & so much more.[1]

I was not surprised to learn the results from a 20 year study released this year confirming that cleaning sprays have an impact on lung health comparable with smoking a packet of cigarettes every day.[2]

When I started on the Botanical Life Co. journey, I looked into the ingredients in the products in my kitchen and bathroom, & I was truly shocked. Even my products with organic and eco labels contained serious chemicals of concern, despite their ‘green’ and ‘safe’ claims.

I discovered that the majority of store bought soap is made with tallow (rendered animal fat), contains palm oil, & ingredients such as triclosan (a known carcinogen that is banned in the EU) can still be found in baby shampoo & antibacterial hand wash in Australia.

When I couldn’t source brands that were authentic, safe & aligned with my personal values, I created the Botanical Life Co.

My philosophy has always been that less is more, & I set out to develop a range of beautifully scented, highly effective, home & body products based on fewer ingredients & all natural formulations.

Developing the Botanical Life Co. formulas from scratch has been a labour of love. I have combined the latest research from trusted international resources[3] to assess the safety of every ingredient, undertaken studies in chemistry, & drawn on the expertise of industrial & cosmetic chemists to help me develop the range.

At the same time I started on this journey I lost a dearly loved family member suddenly from an aggressive form of cancer. This shook my world giving me cause to re-evaluate what really mattered in my life. I realised that while we can’t control everything that happens in our lives, we can make informed decisions, & we do have the power to choose wisely about the products that we bring into our homes and expose our families to.

My beautiful grandson was born not long after the Botanical Life Co. was founded. Having a perfect little person in the house affirmed everything I had been working toward in creating a toxin free, healthy home, where we could all breathe easy.

I have carefully considered everything I want from a home & body cleaning range, & have developed a brand that reflects who I am.

I trust you will enjoy the Botanical Life Co. range as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

 Bec X